Podcast 42


December 1, 2020

This episode combines a bunch of ideas that didn't make a show on their own. What If Podcast 42 Was A True Crime Show, A Cocktail Party At A Flat Earth Gathering, Dirty Riddles, Jeopardy, What If Podcast 42 Was A Kid's Podcast, Podcast Trolling, and Shower Thoughts. Featured Beer: Crane Brewery Company's Tea Weiss and Wild Leap Brewing's ETA Transcontinental IPA Plus get 20% of Manscaped at manscaped.com with the promo code: Podcast42

Podcast 42 is Christopher De Voss - JL Tross - Laura De Voss - Sabrina Pierre

Story and Written by Christopher De Voss

Sources: Facebook, Reddit, Behind The Music Featuring The Temptations

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